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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well it has been a while

Well hi everyone, yes I am still in the land of the living. Work is going really well and I am enjoying it very much. It is soooo good to get the brain working again. The kids have settled into daycare quite well. It took Lochie a little while but since moving up to the next room he is really enjoying it.

Havent been up to much else, havent had much time to do much else. I did go to the movies with the girls a couple of weeks ago, that was nice.

Kia is growing way too quick (as you can see from the photos). She is now 4mths old and getting very big. She loves chasing the ball around and is doing quite well been at home by herself.

Anyway better go and have a shower,

Speak again soon

Nene :)



Sue said...

OMG!!! Kia sure has grown. Can't believe she's only 4 months.

Sue said...

Glad to hear work is going well for you, some days I really miss the old brain stimulation too! I can't believe how big Kia is either!!! Take care. XXX

mel said...

oh my goodness!!! what are you feeding your puppy??? Cannot believe that is the same puppy from your previous post!!
Just became a follower after lurking for a long time!!

TRACEY said...

good looking dog mate!!!

Jasmine S said...

She is soooo cute Janine. My DH said the other day (after seeing a puppy just like yours) that we will definitely get another German Shepherd soon. Looking at your girl, makes me want one too. Have fun at work!!!!